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ABAS Software AG No.1 throughout Germany - Performance rate: Discrete Production

ABAS Software AG No.1 throughout Germany - Performance rate: Discrete Production

(PRWEB) December 11, 1999

In a current study by the META Group Germany, ABAS Software AG has received the best performance evaluation in the discrete producers sector for its ERP software abas-EKS. This result can be traced back to the high flexibility, the short introductory periods, the object-oriented database of the software and the supported platforms: Linux, Unix and Windows NT and to the extensive technical support service.

The study of the META Group Germany surveyed the ERP situation, among other things, in the production industry (discrete and process - oriented), traffic and transport, telecommunications, trade, banking/insurance, supply of raw materials, public authorities, education, health care. Included in the discrete production industry are, for example, businesses from the following areas: the clothing industry, printing industry, leather industry, metal products, mechanical engineering, computers, electrical engineering, vehicle construction, subcontractors, measuring and control engineering, instruments and miscellaneous products.

The result of the study reflects the company philosophy of the software manufacturer. The ultimate aim of the Karlsruhe team is always to satisfy the customer with a good service and orient itself towards their needs. These facts are also confirmed by the result of a customer survey carried out within the company. The customers value the abas-EKS software and the support service provided by the ABAS Software AG highly in every respect.

With c. 1000 business installations, ABAS Software AG is one of the most successful ERP providers in Germany. The software is a highly flexible business solution for small to middle-sized companies in the production and trade industries. It is employed in the areas of production, planning and controlling, in the merchandise information system and in the bookkeeping area within the companies.

Within the areas of consultation and marketing, the software house established a partner network and as a result created an expert group of consultants from over 300 EDP application consultants in the market. The software partners tend to the customers on location and offer technical support services in all EDP areas: Organisation consultation, generation of the target specification, software introduction and adjustment, training and hotline service as well as maintenance and hardware.