Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Launching a new Portal for Women

Launching a new Portal for Women

Women always have strong emotion... about many things which affect them - their looks, career, health, surroundings, loved ones and peers. How a small team of women professionals joined together to create a directory dedicated for women - with well-researched articles of lasting value and contents appealing to - women - the inside story of Targetwoman.

(PRWEB) July 4, 2004

What happens when two like - minded women set out to create a portal for the Woman of today? They create a directory of well researched articles on topics of interest to women; a database of information to women of all age groups and segments – Thus was born TargetWoman.

This portal looks at issues of importance to women, be it beauty, health, recreation or home and family. We understand women, their needs and aspirations. We have something for all women of all age groups – teens, career women, homemakers and mothers. What is the latest hairstyle this season? What are the principles of feng shui that you can apply to your home? Are you an expectant mother with fears, questions and doubts that you would like to clarify? TargetWoman addresses all these issues that affect women.

TargetWoman also showcases a logical progression engine. A unique user-friendly search tool that allows you to sieve through the TargetWoman database to get you relevant articles. This engine follows a complex morphological analyzer coupled with a statistical analysis tool to decipher the semantics of the English language and bring you quick and accurate search results.