Monday, August 13, 2007

A New Educational Paradigm for America's Inner Cities

A New Educational Paradigm for America's Inner Cities

34 years ago I began an experiment in Harlem, NY in an effort to resolve School dropouts, drug abuse, crime and prison inmate rehabilitation. We were successful beyond my wildest dreams!

(PRWEB) August 14, 2003

A lengthy consideration of the plight of inner-city African-Americans led me to found "The Tree of Life Bookstore & Education Center of Harlem in 1969. I was convinced that if other Black people could realize and fathom the importance of the immutable Laws of the Universe, that a profound transformation would take place in the goal orientation, lifestyle and Spiritual unfoldment among African-Americans in general.

My special target was the dropout, the junkie, the "street brother" and the generational ghetto dweller - all presumed destined for lives of misery based on that self constructed "inner" prison of self limiting thought reinforced by living a destructive life style.

During its first decade of operation, The Tree of Life Bookstore witnessed many a miraculous transformation from dropout to scholar, from junkie to health guru, and from "sinner" to "saint" among it 15,000 monthly patrons.

Using this insight, we have demonstrated a multi-BILLION dollar bonanza for ALL of society. We truly need to franchise The Tree of Life nationally and in the process, create tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, each having discovered their Divine purpose in Life.