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A Market Opportunity Analysis for Point of Care Diagnostic Testing in European Countries

A Market Opportunity Analysis for Point of Care Diagnostic Testing in European Countries

Research and Markets have announced the addition of the ‘A Market Opportunity Analysis for Point of Care Diagnostic Testing in European Countries’ report to their offering.

(PRWEB) February 13, 2004

The new report by examines the reality of point-of-care testing (POC) in European Hospitals and practices in 6 European countries and provides you with following information:

By Respondent

• Private Practices

• Hospitals

• Industry Players

Subject of this report

• Indication of the type and number of tests conducted by private practices & hospitals per country

• Market size in € by product segment

• Market shares by Product segment

• Market growth and forecasts by product segment and country

• Indication of data management/Software storage requirements in hospitals by country

• The future of data management software requirements in hospitals

• Opportunity analysis (also including healthcare politics)

• Trends regarding decentralized healthcare

Services (policlinics, hospital outpatient)

By Country

• Germany • Austria

• Switzerland • Italy

• BeNeLux • UK

By Product

• Glucose Testing

• Haemoglobin Testing

• Electrolyte Testing

• Acid – base metabolism

• Haemostasis

• Homeostasis

• Rapid Cardiac Testing

• Drugs of Abuse Screening

Product Value Proposition

The study will allow the owner of the information to:

• Assess current market realities in terms of current POC test usage per country, divided by hospitals and GPs

• Position yourself in the dynamic segment of POC testing

• Identify geographic and product markets with the highest potential for sales

• Reflect the current situation not only at a specific point in time, but monitor trends over a period of time (both in terms of market participants as well as product types)

• Model market and own sales forecasts based on end-user assessments

• Reflect the expected behaviour of buyers, not just the expectations of sellers; but by the motivations of buyers.

• Understand Data Management and IT connectivity product requirements by End User

• Further Need of POC test products

The report can be disseminated to anyone in the organisation who is responsible for sales budget planning and will assist in more accurate planning, which is decisive for other budget allocation.

For a complete index of this report click on http://www. researchandmarkets. com/reports/45568 (http://www. researchandmarkets. com/reports/45568)

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