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Drink These Books! The Juice and Smoothie Association Announces New Book Series

Drink These Books! The Juice and Smoothie Association Announces New Book Series

The Juice and Smoothie Association, an entity of Juice Gallery Multimedia, announces The Orginal Series of books and software about juice and smoothies.

(PRWEB) July 22, 2004

Dan Titus, popularly known as "The Smoothieman," is the author of these volumes that are the standard references for smoothie lover's worldwide.

Dan is chief banana peeler of The Juice & Smoothie Association and president of Juice Gallery Multimedia, a publishing consulting firm. He is a nutritional advocate and author of several books about the juice & smoothie industry.

Smoothies are a sensation in healthy dining. They are basically a healthy meal in a cup that can also double as a quick snack or dessert. Coupled together with vitamin supplements, "power smoothies" can even offer diet enhancement and dramatic weight control. Smoothies are the new beverage and drinkable meal for the future.

There is no competition for these books. They define the smoothie niche by the players who are the juice & smoothie industry. These products are just too cool!

The Original Series

Smoothies! The Original Smoothie Book: Recipes From the Pros (Paperback), ISBN 1582910103, $16.95 retail. Smoothies! The Original Smoothie Book: Volume 2 (Paperback), ISBN 158291020, $16.95 retail. Smoothies! The Original Smoothie Book: Volume 2, Web site CD-ROM, ISBN 1582910251, $19.95 Smoothies! The Original Smoothie Books: Special Bundled Set (Paperback), ISBN 1582910219, $24.95 retail Juice! The Original Juicing Book, ISBN 1582910227, $16.95 retail, available Fall 2004. Juice & Smoothies: Special Bundled Set, ISBN 1582910235, $32.95 retail, available Fall 2004 Smoothies! The Original Smoothie Software, ISBN 1582910243, $29.95 retail, available Spring 2005

These products can been purchased at The Juice and Smoothie Association's Web site @ www. smoothiecentral. com

Publisher: Juice Gallery Multimedia

Www. juicegallery. com, www. smoothiecentral. com Email: info@juicegallery. com


Dan Titus began his quest for the perfect smoothie years ago when he used to tour as a drummer. The rigors of the road made it difficult to eat right. He began packing a blender and juicer along for the tour dates and found that it was well worth the effort to squeeze fresh juice and blend smoothies on the road. A nutritional advocate, he began to spread the word about health and vitality. In 1992, Dan started Juice Gallery, a multimedia publishing and restaurant consulting firm, concentrating on the needs of the specialty foodservice industry.

Juice Gallery Multimedia, (www. juicegallery. com), is the world authority in regards to research and media information about the juice/smoothie business. The firm has provided industry analysis and reports to eager audiences. This information has helped propel the industry from a simple fade into a solid trend. The firm has captured a market niche, which has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and corporations realize their goals. The firms customer and client list includes many major players in the foodservice and media industry. For example: Quaker Oats Corporation, General Mills, Corporation, Hunt-Wesson Foods, Del Monte Food Corporation, Kraft Food Corporation, The Coca-Cola Company.

Juice Gallery Multimedia is a progressive and technically oriented company. The company was the first player in the industry to embrace a new technology called “The Internet”, as early as 1994. The company also develops software, videos and other media products, which further differentiates its product mix.

In April 1995, the company launched the first trade publication for the juice & smoothie bar industry: The Juice Review Newsletter.

The company established The Juice & Smoothie Association, in December 1998 (www. smoothiecentral. com), an organization dedicated to promoting the juice & smoothie industry through consumer products.