Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Rave is Growing Daily as More Women are Becoming Smooth-n-Sassy

The Rave is Growing Daily as More Women are Becoming Smooth-n-Sassy

Las Vegas NV. Women are talking about Smooth-n-Sassy's new body lotion products. Lotions designed to truly soften the skin and heighten the senses.

(PRWEB) February 15, 2005

Smooth-n-Sassy, A Las Vegas based company releases its product line of body lotions, gels and bath crystals on the Internet and beyond.

The company is opening with a strong image and product name. With a product line that offers a wide variety of aromatic choices appealing to every sense of smell.

Women who are using Smooth-n-Sassy are talking about the sensual fragrances and their skin becoming truly touchable like never before. The lotions deliver a smoothing and refreshing feeling along with a lingering fragrance.

Customers have already begun contacting Smooth-n-Sassy requesting their comments be added on their web site for others to read. They say the new body lotions, gels and bath crystals are as aromatic as they are completely penetrating to the skin.

Smooth-n-Sassy comes out with a new line of body lotions to please every kind of skin. Choices that are simply amazing and fragrances that are intoxicating, these are what it delivers. Many women are quickly finding the aroma of Smooth-n-Sassy to be rejuvenating and totally refreshing.

Competing with many larger companies, Smooth-n-Sassy is about to explode into the skin care mail stream with a lineup of body care choices that will please the most concerned about the care of their skin.

Smooth-n-Sassy has developed their body lotions and fragrances to enhance a woman's naturally beautiful scent, not to mask it. Working with the body's chemistry, Smooth-n-Sassy is headed towards distributing their products everywhere to help women care for their skin with a healthy intent.

Combining fragrance technology with “just loving the aroma”, these new products promise to deliver on their claims. Smelling good is merely a part of it. Caring for one’s skin is the underlying purpose and a driven one.

The company is out to help women feel good about the way they look, feel and smell. So far its working as the new company web site is up and obtaining many visitors. More and more women are becoming Smooth-n-Sassy. Many more are on the way to a great smelling world.

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