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Specialty Socks Make Great Stocking Stuffers

Specialty Socks Make Great Stocking Stuffers

Arriva Canada offers online store customers exclusive deals and special shipping rates during holiday season.

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) December 5, 2007

Those who value their foot health can look forward to receiving an extra gift this season from an unexpected Secret Santa. Specialty sock manufacturer (http://www. arrivacanada. com/), Arriva Canada, presents their online consumers with discounts ranging from 5% - 10% off purchases, reduced shipping costs for Americans, and actually foots the total shipping bill for Canadians.

This time of year is the perfect excuse to protect loved ones from the cold through a well-intentioned gift. Arriva designs and manufactures a wide variety of specialty socks (http://www. arrivacanada. com/wwa_history. php) designed for anyone on a Christmas list. While healthy feet are important for everyone, it is essential for those with health conditions that compromise circulation, such as diabetes, and for sports-nuts to maintain general foot health and enhance performance.

Arriva offers several types of medical socks (http://www. arrivacanada. com/prod_mt_dia_holo. php) with textile technology needed to promote foot health specific to health problems, such as diabetic socks (http://www. arrivacanada. com/education. php) and compression socks. Know someone with dry, chapped feet? Get them aloe-infused socks to moisturize. The sports enthusiasts will appreciate Arriva sport socks (http://www. arrivacanada. com/prod_st_pe_holo_quarter. php) made especially for keeping feet cool and dry. Try travel socks (http://www. arrivacanada. com/prod_travel. php) for those who revel in globe-trotting. And for those who need to relax, Arriva makes aroma-therapeutic socks to massage the feet while walking.

Arriva wants to reward online specialty sock (http://www. arrivastore. ca/) shoppers this season with savings on bulk purchases. For starters, all orders over $75 are automatically subject to reduced shipping costs. American customers pay only $5.99 for their sock stock to be shipped right to their door and Canadians get theirs shipped for free. Furthermore, when a customer buys two pairs of Arriva's specialty socks, they instantly receive 5% off. Three socks and they get a 7% discount. Buy four or more pairs and Arriva awards the buyer 10% off the regular purchase price.

"This time of year can be very stressful. If we can make it easier for people by offering them the convenience and environmentally-friendly benefits of shopping online, as well as incentive to buy for several people at one time, then we all benefit," says Bipin Khimasia, CEO of Arriva Canada. "Furthermore, if we can save them enough money so they can afford to treat themselves this season, that's an added bonus."

To learn more about Arriva and their Holiday Specials, contact Aaditya Khimasia or visit www. arrivacanada. com.

About Arriva Canada:
Arriva Canada promotes health and performance through specially designed lifestyle legwear. Engineered and manufactured in Canada, these specialty socks for men and women combine several revolutionary textile technologies to provide socks to enhance all aspects of life, including medical, travel, sport and relaxation.