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Women Health Articles in an Easily Digestible Form

Women Health Articles in an Easily Digestible Form

More information is available about Anorexia nervosa in the Information Portal - Targetwoman as part of its ongoing quest to keep women well informed. Pick informative articles on a wide range of women health topics from this collection.

(PRWEB) June 19, 2005

"Unlike what is commonly believed, anorexia nervosa is not about loss of hunger but about a person constantly battling hunger in the quest for a slim and perfect body image. Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia are often not easy to diagnose and can lie dormant till they assume larger proportions. The statistics for anorexia and other eating disorders show that nearly 15% of young women adopt unhealthy eating habits and attitudes. What is the treatment for anorexia nervosa? What are its symptoms?"

Do you know that nearly 80% of American women claim to be dissatisfied with their body shape and appearance? And nearly $109 million is spent each day in America on dieting and diet-related products?

Targetwoman - the information portal for women has a detailed article on Anorexia nervosa as part of its ongoing quest to keep our women well informed. What started as a simple repository of a collection of articles on women's health and women's fitness has grown into several thousand pages of content.

When Targetwoman was conceived roughly a year ago, the motto was to present well-researched information under one portal. As a result, they hired postgraduate writers who could laboriously spend hours on individually assigned topics to come up with articles on many of the topics of interest to women. The resulting articles are polished and edited for lucidity and ease of assimilation.

After all, the chosen topics most of the time, involved technical jargons and medical terms. To present the content to laymen and laywomen, it necessitated rephrasing the content for a larger audience. Women have many health problems afflicting them from childhood to matured adult stages. Each peculiar phase comes in for special treatment if you decide to address the target group.

A teenager looking for specific information about puberty issues will need gentle language, which explains the complexity of womanhood in simple terms. On the other hand, a seasoned mature professional who wants to know about the means to prevent osteoporosis will need more detailed medical facts coached in a language she can knowledgeably use with her doctors.

A visit to the Information portal is on the cards - if you seek easily digestible information on Women's health.

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