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Locally Created Tucson Website Offers Dramatically Expanded Calendar of Events

Locally Created Tucson Website Offers Dramatically Expanded Calendar of Events

People who want to know about Tucson can find out what they want from a locally created and maintained site, instead of a national system.

Tucson, AZ (PRWEB) July 14, 2006

Since its launch in 2005 by three Tucsonans, http://www. dotcomtucson. com (http://www. dotcomtucson. com) has gone through two major design changes, and added hundreds of new pages with exactly the content visitors asked for the most. And now, it offers the city's best calendar of events.

At the top of the list of visitor requests was a more complete calendar of events. A calendar of events already existed on the site, but like other such calendars, it listed only about 30-events per day. The calendar was focused in on and beefed up considerably. Today, over 12,000 events have been entered into the massive new calendar, which is fully searchable by date or event. And every day hundreds more events are logged in for visitors to view.

While the trend has been (and is) for large Internet companies to manufacture clone-style city portal websites, the creators of Dot Com Tucson took the road less traveled. "A city's website should be created by people who live and work in the city – people who care about the city – people who know the city!" Says Beverly Sidell-Fish, founder of Dot Com Tucson.

While the new Calendar of Events is absolutely the most noteworthy element of the site, Dot Com Tucson has hundreds of pages of superb content for anyone who wants to learn about Tucson, Arizona. Everything imaginable for anyone wishing to vacation or relocate to Tucson is in the website – with more coming every day. Detailed articles and photographs of the places in and around Tucson are included, as well as comprehensive presentations about Tucson's exciting and unusual history. Tucson is the oldest continuously inhabited place on earth, showing signs of human inhabitants that date back some 12,000 years. It's the global center for astronomy, and it's where John Dillinger was finally captured – and that hotel is still standing.

Those wishing to retire to Tucson, one of the premier retirement areas of the US, are treated to information and articles on all the special interests of that growing group, including special health care facilities, care givers, hospices, medical facilities, Tucson real estate, and much more. Tucson's retirement community is large and viable, and there are lots of events in the new calendar especially for that special group of Tucsonans.

While Tucson's global reputation as a great vacation destination is largely due to its marvelous year around weather and the plethora of world-class spas and resorts, it can't be overlooked that it is also a genuine golf Mecca. http://www. dotcomtucson. com (http://www. dotcomtucson. com) offers golfers who live in Tucson, and golfers who want to vacation in Tucson, an in-depth look at all of the golf courses in and around Tucson – including their ratings, yardages, and full contact information.

For those who are relocating to Tucson or retiring here, Tucson real estate is a matter of necessary concern. Dot Com Tucson offers everything a prospective Tucson real estate buyer could want – except the money for the new home – but there are links to where the money is! A complete list of Tucson real estate companies and Tucson real estate agents (Tucson Realtors®) is included as well as mortgage companies, banks, articles on buying Tucson real estate and even a set of over a dozen calculators that help both buyers and sellers of real estate easily compute the necessary numbers.

If you're interested in one of the many Tucson special attractions, such as Kitt Peak, Sabino Canyon, Flandrau Planetarium, Mount Lemmon, Saguaro National Monument, Reid Park Zoo, or Biosphere II – there are article, photos, and loads of details – all created by people who have "been there done that."

Anyone living in Tucson, thinking about visiting or taking a vacation in Tucson, or contemplating living in Tucson should definitely visit http://www. dotcomtucson. com (http://www. dotcomtucson. com). It's the one-stop website for all things Tucson. As they say at Dot Com Tucson: We put Tucson in the palm of your hand.

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